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Helping americans keep more of their hard-earned money

Diligent savers enter the second half of retirement with little insight into the complex tax and distribution planning dangers that can wipe away the sacrifice made during their working years.

What good is investment growth if you can’t reap the rewards in retirement?

Why Ed Slott and Company?

America’s IRA Experts

Education is the only avenue to avoid the roadblocks set up by “Uncle Sam” — a man with deep pockets just waiting to collect more taxes and penalties associated with unreliable, inadequate planning.

Ed Slott and Company is the nation’s leading source of accurate, timely IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisors, institutions, consumers and media across the country. We neither sell nor endorse any particular financial product. We are an educational company working to:

  1. Train financial professionals on an individual and corporate level to become knowledgeable recognized leaders in the retirement marketplace; and
  2. Answer retirement savers’ most important questions and continually provide practical, applicable and easy-to-understand information on IRA, retirement, tax and financial planning topics 

Expert Training for Financial Professionals
Provide Your Clients Valuable Tax-Saving Retirement Planning Advice

We educate financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, and more on the complexities of IRAs so they are better equipped to navigate their clients through tax and distribution planning, necessary to achieve financial security.  We provide various training programs and educational resources, including Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor monthly newsletter, Ed Slott’s 2-Day IRA WorkshopIRA Success available on-demand through The American College of Financial Services® and Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group — our highest level of advisor education.

More Retirement Education for Corporations and Consumers
Know Your Options to Save Your Hard-Earned Money

As America’s IRA Experts, we continue to bring retirement education to the masses, not only as commentators in well-known publications and news shows, but also corporate training, national seminars and keynote speeches, along with national public television specials aimed to teach America how to ask the right questions, find quality financial advisors and get the most out of their retirement savings. These public television specials, including Retire Safe and Secure! with Ed Slott, have been viewed by millions of people across the country and have become a recognized standard in the retirement planning community.

We provide a vast range of content resources to the public, including: 

  • Active Social Networks:Follow us on your favorite social networks to be the first to know breaking news impacting retirement accounts, including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.
  • The Slott Report:Follow our team of IRA experts as they address a range of tax planning, estate planning and IRA topics throughout the month.
  • The Slott Report Mailbag:Submit your questions to our IRA experts as we select and answer new topics each Thursday in The Slott Report!
  • Discussion Forum:Interact with our community and start or join the conversation!
  • Monthly IRA Updates:Sign-up to receive our monthly email highlighting the best of The Slott Report, trending retirement topics and news.
  • IRA Shopping Center:Purchase in-depth and user-friendly multimedia resources including our bestselling books, white papers, newsletters and CDs.
  • Private Speaking Events:Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Experts are available to speak to your company, civic group or other organization to provide essential retirement expertise personalized for your audience.

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