Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Success


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Ed Slott's IRA Success

Most financial advisors are focused on asset accumulation, but significant business-building opportunities also lie in the distribution phase. One in three households own an IRA – a ticking time bomb of tax liability in need of your professional expertise.

Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Success, powered by The American College of Financial Services, is an innovative 12-course program that combines the expertise and clear-cut language of Professor of Practice Ed Slott, CPA and his team of IRA Experts with The College’s proven pedigree in e-learning design and delivery.


  • 12 courses on IRA tax laws and rules, complete with ready-to-go action plans
  • Video presentations with Ed Slott, CPA, and his team
  • Robust resources that include charts and 100 frequently asked questions
  • Course manuals called a “goldmine” by industry peers
  • Assessments to test your knowledge 
  • A mobile-first platform for learning anytime, anywhere
  • Valuable continuing education credits


IRA Success offers a variety of CE credits per course or for the entire program:

Full 12-Course Program CE163: Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Success

Individual Courses:

  • CE151: Navigating the CARES and SECURE Acts in 2021
  • CE152: Planning for the End of the Stretch IRA
  • CE153: IRA Beneficiary Examples, Mistakes, and Checklists
  • CE154: 25 IRA Rules You Must Know (Part One)
  • CE155: 25 IRA Rules You Must Know (Part Two)
  • CE156: 25 IRA Rules You Must Know (Part Three)
  • CE157: Roth IRAs: Conversions, 3 Questions to Ask, Estate Planning
  • CE158: Roth 401(k) Rules / IRA Update and Tax Planning Strategies
  • CE159: Naming Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries (Part One)
  • CE160: Naming Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries (Part Two)
  • CE161: Advising Clients on Key Rollover Decisions
  • CE162 Estate and Life Insurance Planning with IRAs

Continuing Education Credit

The American College: 1 Credit Per Course (12 Credits Per Program)

Credit hours can go towards Professional Recertification continuing education requirements for CAP®, CASL®, ChFC®, ChSNC®, CLF®, CLU®, FSCP®, RICP®, and WMCP® designee holders.

For more information on The College’s Professional Recertification Program, visit TheAmericanCollege.edu/Recertification.

CFP®: 27.5 Credits for Full Program Enrollees
CFP® credits for individual courses vary.


Coming soon! Only available to professionals who complete all 12 courses.

To learn more about up-to-date CE availability, visit TheAmericanCollege.edu/IRASuccess.