Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Focus

The last Baby Boomer just celebrated their 50th birthday and 10,000 retire every day. IRAs also make up the largest single share of the retirement market with an estimated $7.4 trillion in assets.

This isn’t an imposing challenge for your business. It’s an immense opportunity. So, how do you reach these individuals, help them navigate Uncle Sam, live the retirement of their dreams and leave a legacy for their heirs?

That’s what IRA Focus provides you every month – IRA education that promotes action.

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Ed Slott and Company’s IRA Focus dissects one key IRA topic each month from many angles to both educate you and boost your business.

  • Expertise. Explaining the nuts and bolts of that month’s topic.
  • Analysis. Taking you deeper into an issue with a white paper, video presentation, e-book or in-depth report that examines why the issue matters and how it will affect clients and prospects.
  • Outflow. Transforming the topic into consumer-centric collateral for use with your clients and prospects.

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Structure: All subscribers will be sent an email on the final Monday of every month to inform them of that month’s issue release, including a link to the subscriber access page. Subscribers can also view and obtain all new and archived material through their account on our website, IRAhelp.com

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