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SECURE Act 2.0 Is Overhyped, Says Ed Slott

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Policymakers tout recent legislation as offering a leg-up to Americans struggling to save for retirement, but one tax and retirement expert says not to believe the hype.

The SECURE Act 2.0, enacted at the end of last year, will bring about some important changes for retirement planners—but it’s not as impactful as its predecessor, 2019’s the SECURE Act, said Ed Slott, president of Slott & Co.

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It’s Now Or Never For Backdoor Roths

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The clock may be ticking on backdoor Roths. The latest proposal (under a House of Representatives bill submitted on November 19, 2021) would eliminate both the regular backdoor Roth and the mega-backdoor Roth next year for everyone, regardless of income.

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Ed Slott To Advisors: Don’t Make Changes Based On New RMD Guidance Yet

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Two tax and retirement specialists say a recent IRS publication has thrown IRA inheritance planning into chaos, but that advisors shouldn’t make changes just yet.

Until the release of IRS Publication 590-B (Pub 590-B), retirement and tax experts told advisors that 2019’s SECURE Act required that the entire balance of an inherited IRA be withdrawn by Dec.31 of the 10th year following the original account owner’s death, but that no annual required minimum distributions (RMDs) would be necessary, said Ed Slott, founder of Ed Slott and Co.

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Ed Slott Sees Higher Taxes, Slow-Rising Inflation On The Way

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Retirement plan investors should position their portfolios to pay taxes sooner, rather than later, according to Ed Slott, founder of

And one strategy to do this is by converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, Slott said Tuesday during a roundtable discussion on how the next round of federal stimulus money will affect the economy.The rountable was sponsored by public relations firm JConnelly.

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Ed Slott On Why 2020 Offers Unique Retirement Income Opportunities

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Even though the CARES Act, Congress’s $2.5 trillion coronavirus relief provision, does not require retirees to take minimum distributions from their qualified accounts, they may want to anyway, said IRA and tax expert Ed Slott.

In "Answers To Advisors' Questions On The 2020 Retirement Tax Rules," a Tuesday afternoon webinar, Slott said that the provisions of the CARES Act, combined with changes to taxation and retirement rules in 2019’s SECURE Act, make 2020 a unique year for retirement income.

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