IRA and Tax Tables 2017

2017 Federal Estate Tax Levels

At death, a surviving spouse's estate will owe estate taxes on the net value that exceeds the annual exemption:

Year Exempt from Tax Estate-Tax Rate

$5,490,000 per person with portability

Top rate of 40%
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2017 IRA Minimum Distribution Tables

When owners of a Traditional IRA reach age 70½, they are required to take annual minimum distributions. The amount changes each year. Simply divide your IRA's value at the end of each year by the distribution period listed next to your age in the following IRS charts:

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2017 Federal Tax Brackets

Marginal Tax Rate


Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)

Married Filing Separately


Over $418,400

Over $470,700

Over $235,350


$416,701 - $418,400

$416,701 - $470,700

$208,351 - $235,350

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